The profession of dentist in Craiova requires determination, enthusiasm and patience. Starting from these principles, we laid the foundations of the CriniDent Craiova dental clinic, a place where we want patients to come with confidence every time.


In order to provide the best treatments, we are constantly investing in equipment (only in 2019 we purchased new, super high-performance equipment, worth over 50,000 euros: state-of-the-art laser, dental chairs, intra-oral chambers, electron microscope, centrifuge for A-PRF membranes, autoclave, etc.) and in the training of dentists, nurses and administrative staff.

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    Dental treatments

    Fast & Fixed Implants, Craiova

    Dental implants: Implantology treatments in Craiova are performed by the classical method and also by the modern procedure - fast & fixed implants. This involves a service of total tooth reconstruction, all done in a short time.

    implanturi dentare fast & fixed, CriniDent Craiova
    Dental treatments CriniDent Craiova

    Dento-alveolar surgery, Craiova

    Dento-alveolar surgery: contrary to expectations, dental surgeries should not be painful. In the CriniDent dental clinic we have dentists specializing in dento-alveolar surgery. Surgical treatments are performed properly and without pain.

    stomatologie Craiova, CriniDent
    CriniDent Craiova dental treatments

    Orthodontics, Craiova

    In the case of crowded teeth that prove difficult to clean, an orthodontic treatment is recommended that helps to obtain a beautiful and healthy teeth.

    aparate ortodontice, CriniDent Craiova
    Dentistry CriniDent Craiova

    Dental aesthetics / dental veneers, Craiova

    Dental aesthetics is a service for patients who want a beautiful smile, not just healthy teeth. Dental veneers coat natural teeth giving them a shape close to perfection.

    stomatologie Craiova, CriniDent

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