Teeth whitening treatments, Craiova

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic dental procedure that results from exposing the dentin under the tooth enamel to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).


Craiova dentist tips - what you need to know about teeth whitening?


Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth. Thus, if the patient has fillings or other types of prosthetic works, they will not be able to be hidden, but will keep their color.


The whitening process involves activation with the help of a heat source, a laser or a light. Both light and heat have the role of accelerating the whitening effect on the teeth. The results are easily visible. They can be seen 60 minutes after the whitening treatment.


Traditional teeth whitening systems use a heat source that acts to accelerate the oxidation process. However, this method also brings disadvantages represented by symptoms such as: itching, skin irritation, gum irritation, mild burns.

tratamente albire dentara, stomatologie CriniDent Craiova
tratamente albire dentara, stomatologie CriniDent Craiova

But, fortunately, there are other bleaching methods, represented by Beyond laser lamps. These lamps are so effective that they cause dangerous ultraviolet light to be completely removed by the filtration system.


Thus, what remains is a cold light in the blue spectrum. This has the role of penetrating deep into the teeth, so that oxidation can be achieved without risks and side effects. It should be noted that the whitening effects obtained through the Beyond lamp can last between 6 months and 2 years, all depending on personal hygiene.


We warn you that there are people who experience a tooth sensitivity after the whitening process. This is a completely natural reaction that can go away in no more than 24 hours.


In order to have an effect, after the teeth whitening process, the following are recommended: avoid tobacco and coffee consumption, avoid products that are too cold or too hot, avoid sour drinks and very colorful foods.

What guarantees do we offer?


- Implant: 5 years

- Metal-acrylic works: 5 years

- Porcelain works: 5 years

- Fillings by light curing: 6 months


*Careful! We do not guarantee canal treatments and temporary works.

How can the warranty be lost?


- Lack of proper oral hygiene will void the warranty

- Lack of periodic control, performed once every 6 months

- Occurrence of a disease that affects dental treatment (for example: hepatitis, diabetes or epilepsy)

- Inadequate maintenance of the dental work performed and the occurrence of damage from external causes: blows, falls, accidents.