Tooth decay in children. Causes, symptoms, treatment

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Tooth decay in children. Causes, symptoms, treatment

The health of baby teeth depends on the health of the teeth at maturity. The adult is the one who should take care of the child's teeth with the toothbrush and toothpaste adapted to the age, at least 2 times a day, until the child acquires the necessary skills.

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When we talk about tooth decay in children, we can refer to diseases that can reach an advanced stage and can affect the buds of permanent teeth, which, in turn, can already erupt with problems. Also, if the child's teeth are lost prematurely due to dental conditions, the permanent ones will develop in abnormal positions and will require orthodontic treatments to straighten the final teeth. If the baby teeth are not cleaned properly, since their eruption on the arch, starting with the age of 6 months, tooth decay in children will not be long in coming.


With the evolution of caries, there may be signs that alarm both the child and the parent: toothache, bad smell of swollen mouth or gums.

How do we treat children's caries?

Dental caries can be prevented primarily by proper oral hygiene, performed by the patient at home and by visits to the dentist. It is very important to go to the dentist with your little one every 6 months. Thus, the doctor will notice caries in time, when only the enamel layer is affected, and the treatment will consist only of a small fill. When caries is deep, it can lead to nerve loss or even tooth loss.

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Sealing teeth in children

Sealing teeth can be done both on baby teeth and on permanent teeth, which begin to erupt around the age of 6 years. Sealing is a method of caries prevention, non-invasive (do not intervene with the cutter) just brush the tooth and seal it on the side with which we bite. A "film" is placed to cover the ditches and dimples of the meshes. The doctor can start making seals from the age of 2 and a half - 3 years.

Choose to prevent tooth decay and give your child healthy teeth. We are waiting for you and your child at the Crinident dental clinic in Craiova.

Because his smile matters!

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