About CriniDent dentistry clinic

The CriniDent story

Out of a passion for dentistry and a desire to provide quality services in terms of proper tooth care, we founded the CriniDent dental clinic in 2000. Our activity includes diagnostic and dental treatment services, namely: classical and fast & fixed implantology in Craiova, dental prosthetics, dento-alveolar surgery, orthodontics (dental appliances), periodontology, prophylaxis and oral hygiene, endodontics, dental aesthetics, teeth whitening.


All these services are provided and guaranteed at the highest level of performance and professionalism. The name of the clinic is not chosen by chance, but contains part of the names of the two founders: Cristiana and Cristian Nicolae. Starting from this fact, we have created not only a dental office in Craiova, but an environment in which we want patients to feel comfortable and to come with confidence, not only when they encounter a medical or aesthetic problem, but also when they want to do a routine check or prevention.

Focus on the patient

Proper care and proper treatment are our main concerns when we meet a patient.

Specialized staff

Are you looking for a dental practice in Craiova? The CriniDent team is made up of professionals who have studied the dental field with passion and who understand patient`s concern.

Modern equipment

In order to be able to offer quality services, we constantly invest in modern equipment, which helps us to offer patients a painless experience.

Out of passion for health

I am Cristiana Nicolae MD and I have been practicing dentistry with dedication and passion since 1998. An interesting aspect of my profession is the fact that I had a great satisfaction to help and guide more young people to this profession, and some of them are now collaborators: for example Simona Corodescu MD.


Creating an environment where people feel respected and safe, getting a perfect smile and satisfying the patient in the end, gives us the satisfaction of the work done.

dr Cristiana Nicolae, clinica stomatologica CriniDent
dr Cristian Nicolae, clinica stomatologica CriniDent

… and respect for patients.

I'm Cristian Nicolae MD (www.cristiannicolae.ro) and it is a great pleasure to work with the CriniDent team.
Being certified John Maxwell Team USA - the world number 1 in leadership - I help my colleagues to provide top dental services to patients of the clinic, before and post medical intervention.


The goal is to have patients who are super satisfied with both the medical act and the relationship with the entire CriniDent team, the rigor of the schedule, the ambiance in the office… everything that means a professional and dedicated dental service.

Dentistry Craiova - CriniDent Team!

dr Cristiana Nicolae medic dentist CriniDent Craiova
Cristiana Nicolae MD

Competence in oral implantology and dental aesthetics

dr Cristian Nicolae, CriniDent Craiova
Cristian Nicolae MD
Trainer & Coach

Gold Leadership John Maxwell Team Certification

dr Simona Corodescu medic dentist CriniDent Craiova
Simona Corodescu MD

Specialist in oral implantology and dento-alveolar surgery

dr Raluca Puchiu, medic sentist CriniDent Craiova
Raluca Puchiu MD

Specialist in orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics

dr Iulia Tomescu medic stomatolog la clinica dentara CriniDent
Iulia Tomescu MD

Specialist in dento-alveolar surgery and periodontology

dr Razvan Ghita, medic stomatolog CriniDent Craiova
Razvan Ghiță MD

Dento-alveolar surgery specialist

dr delia popescu de la clinica CriniDent Craiova
Delia Popescu MD
Delia Jianu, office manager la clinica dentara CriniDent Craiova
Daniela Jianu
Office Manager

Master in International Relations

Claudia Bican, asistent medical la clinica dentara CriniDent Craiova
Claudia Bican
Chief nurse
Adina Sirbu, asistent medical la clinica dentara CriniDent Craiova
Adina Sârbu
Madalina Branzan, asistent medical la clinica dentara CriniDent Craiova
Mădălina Bîrzan
Cristina Draculet, asistent medical clinica stomatologica CriniDent Craiova
Cristina Drăculeț

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