Endodontics / canal treatments, Craiova

It is the dental specialty that aims to treat the root canal. Thus, nerve removal is a complex process and involves several actions:


The root canals will be cleaned;


An important process is the preparation and mechanical conformation of the channels;


Sterilization and filling - The sterile part - the bone in which the teeth will be implanted - will be isolated from the non-sterile part: the oral environment.


The removal of the dental pulp of the nerve from the pulp chamber is performed following the appearance of a dental caries or has a prosthetic purpose.

tratamente endodontie CriniDent Craiova
tratamente de canal, CriniDent Craiova

The use of modern technology - a well-done and efficient treatment of the root canal:


1. The DIGA system is used for effective tooth insulation and is a modern treatment technology that offers good results.


2. Apex The RAYPEX 5 VDW locator, a tool used to determine the length of the root canal and to identify the apex.


3. The rotary instrument VDW SILVER endodontic motor with NICHEL-TITAN M-two Innovative NiTi system needles will guarantee the correct cleaning and widening of the channels.


4. Hot gutta-percha injection, a method used to ensure lateral and vertical condensation of the root canal. The result will be a properly done root filling.

The treatment with the DIGA system has the following advantages:


Being isolated as well as possible, the tooth will not be touched by saliva during the treatment;


Unpleasant solutions will not reach the patient's oral cavity, nor objects or materials;


The visibility for the execution of the work will be very good, so that the treatment will be effective;


The works will have different time intervals because the patients' cases are different;


Treated channels will be kept clean;


It will not be necessary to aspirate the saliva, and the patient will be able to swallow;


In order to carry out this treatment, we also take into account the patient's comfort.

tratamente endodontie CriniDent Craiova

What guarantees do we offer?


- Implant: 5 years

- Metal-acrylic works: 5 years

- Porcelain works: 5 years

- Fillings by light curing: 6 months


*Careful! We do not guarantee canal treatments and temporary works.

How can the warranty be lost?


- Lack of proper oral hygiene will void the warranty

- Lack of periodic control, performed once every 6 months

- The appearance of a disease that influences dental treatment (for example: hepatitis, diabetes or epilepsy)

- Inadequate maintenance of the dental work performed and the occurrence of damage from external causes: blows, falls, accidents.