Fast & fixed implants, Craiova



Fast & Fixed is the modern concept adopted by dentists in Craiova to restore completely lost teeth. The procedure is performed on the basis of fixed teeth that have the role of replacing those lost by patients.


Starting from the fact that a beautiful smile is a powerful weapon in terms of building self-confidence, the dental office in Craiova CriniDent, recommends this quick and efficient procedure for recovering teeth. Currently, there is the possibility of immediate prosthesis through this modern technique, applied in all modern implant clinics Craiova.


It is important to note that these implants allow immediate prosthetic loading, due to the fact that they bypass the anatomical formations (maxillary sinus and mandibular canal). Provisional works can be carried out, carried out within 48 hours of the intervention. They are kept on the arch for 6 months, until the final work manages to be fixed by screwing.



- The possibility to have fixed teeth in just 48 hours;
- Within the same intervention, the irrecoverable teeth are extracted and the implants are inserted, and in 48 hours the temporary work is performed;
- The intervention is predictable and painless.



- The patient must eat foods of low consistency for 6 months;
- Masticatory forces must not affect the implants;
- Special attention should be paid to oral hygiene.

4 AB Dental implants
2500 euros
4 multi units
400 euros
temporary work of 10 PMMA elements (acrylic resin)
1500 lei
final work of 10 metal-ceramic elements
5500 lei
6 AB Dental implants
3000 euros
6 multi units
600 euros
temporary work of 12 PMMA elements (acrylic resin)
1800 lei
final work of 12 metal-ceramic elements
6600 lei