Immediate denture of fiberglass teeth

What could be more traumatic for a patient, from an aesthetic point of view, than the loss of an incisor, either as a result of a trauma or when an extraction is required?


Most of the time, they want to restore the aesthetic function immediately. Thus, the edentulousness can be temporarily prosthetic, with the help of fiberglass, the patient being able to regain his smile once he leaves the dental office.


The fiberglass consists of five braided threads and is not visible to the naked eye, attaching to the lingual side of the teeth. Both the materials used and the technique are minimally invasive. The results obtained are excellent and are maintained over time, provided that the patient has a rigorous hygiene.


For example, in the case of a 25-year-old patient who presented to our dental office with a fractured lateral incisor, it was necessary to remove it.


The patient was extracted and then, post-extraction, the prosthesis of the tooth with the help of fiberglass for the period necessary for healing, and after 3 months an implant will be inserted.