Total rehabilitation of the upper jaw with the help of metal-ceramic works

The patient presented to the CriniDent clinic because she complained of toothache 1.1 and was dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance. The diagnosis was made following the orthodontic consultation and photo analysis, together with the dental technique laboratory. It was found that as he smiled, his gums were revealed, which was lowered in front of the left frontal incisor.


There was also a severe crowding of teeth, with a bite that traumatized the entire dento-maxillary apparatus. A treatment plan was performed that included several endodontic dental treatments in quadrant 1, ablation of old works, extractions in quadrant 2 (2.4, root residue 2.7) and restoration of canal treatment 2.5.


Metal-ceramic works of 11 elements were performed on the upper jaw, after performing the Digital Smile Design technique (digital modeling of the smile). Dr. Cristiana Nicolae, a doctor specializing in oral implantology, established together with the dental technique laboratory Vladenta, the right shape of the teeth, so that it is both aesthetic and functional from a medical point of view. Indirect mock-up was done, which means transposing the wax-up made by the technician into the oral cavity, before starting the work. Then the final metal-ceramic work was done.