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Prevention is important because it reduces the risk of tooth decay, toothache, periodontal disease and tooth loss. Thus, descaling is also part of the prevention process.


At CriniDent you will have professional dental care. This will consist in removing the bacterial plaque and tartar, but also in smoothing the dental surfaces using:


Ultrasonic descaling


Stains on the teeth will be removed by a rotating professional brushing performed with professional paste containing perlite granules. Will be used: prophy jet, bicarbonate abrasive particles and water pressure jet.

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What guarantees do we offer?


- Implant: 5 years

- Metal-acrylic works: 5 years

- Porcelain works: 5 years

- Fillings by light curing: 6 months


*Careful! We do not guarantee canal treatments and temporary works.

How can the warranty be lost?


- Lack of proper oral hygiene will void the warranty

- Lack of periodic control, performed once every 6 months

- Occurrence of a disease that affects dental treatment (for example: hepatitis, diabetes or epilepsy)

- Inadequate maintenance of the dental work performed and the occurrence of damage from external causes: blows, falls, accidents.