Dental prosthetics, Craiova

CriniDent has a very good collaboration with the dental laboratories in the city, so that it can offer patients dental prostheses and other types of work made only from good quality materials.

What kind of prostheses do we do?


- Ceramic veneers

- Zirconium works


We use zirconium to perform dental prosthetics. Zirconium stands out as an aesthetic material, but also resistant. It can be used without metal support, both for making a single crown and for a dental bridge.


- Partial or total prostheses

- Modern solutions for fixed and mobile prosthesis

- Semi-physionomic and physionomic bridges; totally metallic or metal-ceramic

- Ceramic, metal and metal-ceramic crowns

- Classic skeleted prostheses or with special maintenance, support and stabilization systems

- Implant works

- Occlusal balancing treatment.

implantologie dentara Craiova

What guarantees do we offer?


- Implant: 5 years

- Metal-acrylic works: 5 years

- Porcelain works: 5 years

- Fillings by light curing: 6 months


*Careful! We do not guarantee canal treatments and temporary works.

How can the warranty be lost?


- Lack of proper oral hygiene will void the warranty

- Lack of periodic control, performed once every 6 months

- Occurrence of a disease that affects dental treatment (for example: hepatitis, diabetes or epilepsy)

- Inadequate maintenance of the dental work performed and the occurrence of damage from external causes: blows, falls, accidents.