Total acrylic prostheses at CriniDent

proteza dentara pret Craiova

Total acrylic prostheses at CriniDent

Total edentation is characterized by the absence of all teeth either on a single arch or on both arches. It is a progressive pathological condition, which evolves over several years, with a major impact on patients' quality of life. Therefore, early intervention is important in order to apply appropriate treatment methods.

The most common causes of total edentulousness are:

  • Dental caries;
  • Periodontal disease;
  • Conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, rickets;
  • Tumors located at the maxillary level;
  • Trauma;
  • Dental malformations etc.

proteza dentara pret Craiova

The risk of total dental edentulousness is also increased by factors such as smoking, excessive long-term alcohol consumption, sedentary lifestyle, poor working and living conditions, etc. Lack of teeth can cause a number of problems: emotional problems, influences speech, mastication, but especially social interaction.

At present, patients with total edentation have at their disposal multiple forms of treatment that will restore their physical and mental comfort and significantly improve their quality of life. Mobile prostheses are sometimes the only possible solution for the patient (either due to general or local conditions, or due to the high cost of the dental implant).

The total acrylic prosthesis is a movable prosthetic piece that replaces an entire dental arch.

Acrylic prostheses have some disadvantages:

  • Loss of bone support over time;
  • Reducing the taste sensation;
  • Most often, in the massive loss of bone support, reduced stability of the prosthesis.

Mobile prostheses are made of acrylic resins. To perform a total prosthesis, several sessions are required in which the dentist prints the dental arches, records the occlusion relations, establishes together with the patient the shape and color of the future teeth, then adapts the new prosthesis on the edentulous field.

 Accepting and accommodating the patient with the total acrylic prosthesis

For a person who has never worn a denture, adaptation requires a lot of patience. For new prosthesis wearers, the first month is more difficult because they must learn to speak correctly with the prosthesis in their mouth, they must also learn to chew food. In the first days it is recommended that the patient consume foods of soft consistency to get used to the new mastication and possibly read aloud. For starters, acrylic dentures can create some lesions in the oral cavity, so go back to the office to remove the areas of the denture that create these lesions.

Also, patiently and in compliance with the indications of the dentist (avoid sticky, hard and crunchy foods, proper hygiene of the work, presentation to the office for the adaptation of the prosthesis, etc.) the total prosthesis will become an integral part of the body.

Usually, after about 2 years, patients may notice that the total acrylic prosthesis no longer feels perfectly adapted to the prosthetic field. This is due to bone resorption in the mandible and jaw. In this situation, the prosthesis must be lined. After a few years, it is recommended to replace the total prosthesis with a new one, because there are important changes in the prosthetic field.

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