Dental treatments

Implantology, Craiova

Implantology service in Craiova it is made by the classical method and also by the modern fast & fixed procedure. This involves a service of total tooth reconstruction, all done in a short time.

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implanturi dentare fast & fixed CriniDent Craiova

Prosthetic dentistry

The CriniDent dental clinic has a very good collaboration with the dental laboratories in the city, so that it can offer patients dentures and other types of work made only of good quality materials.

Dento-alveolar surgery

Contrary to expectations, dental operations must not be painful for the patient. Thus, if there are excellently trained dentists in the dental clinic, the surgeries can be performed correctly and without pain.

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Orthodontics (classic and invisible braces)

Do you need an orthodontist in Craiova? In the case of damaged teeth that prove difficult to clean, an orthodontic treatment is recommended , in order to help you to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.


CriniDent specialists are performing treatments for periodontal disease, based on modern technology. The braces of the tooth can be destroyed by certain diseases, but by applying the appropriate treatment, it can be cured.

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Prophylaxis and oral hygiene

The prevention it is important as it reduces the risk of tooth decay, toothache, periodontal disease and tooth loss. Thus, from the prevention process is also part of the descaling.

Endodontics, Craiova

Endodontics is the dental specialty which aims to treat the tooth root canal. Thus, nerve removal is a complex process and involves several actions.

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Dental aesthetics

Dental aesthetics is a service for patients who want not only healthy but also beautiful teeth, with a shape brought to near perfection.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is an aesthetic dental procedure that results from exposing the dentin under the tooth enamel to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

estetica dentara Craiova, cabinet stomatologic CriniDent