Dental sealing! Fewer caries!

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Dental sealing! Fewer caries!

What is dental sealing and how does this treatment improve children's teeth health?

Dental sealing is a caries prevention technique indicated both for temporary / baby teeth and for permanent teeth. The material used for sealing is a light-curable resin, which can have the color of the tooth, or can be colored in cheerful colors that will delight children (pink, blue, green, orange). This material is applied on the occlusal surfaces (on which it is chewed), in ditches and dimples to eliminate their retentions, these being the first places where dental caries appears. Once the grooves are closed, food debris and bacterial plaque are easier to remove and the tooth is thus much better protected against caries.

sigilare dentara copii Craiova CriniDent

Is dental sealing an invasive or painful medical procedure?

The sealing technique is non-invasive, does not affect the tooth, does not require anesthesia, is done in a very short time - which provides more comfort to the child.

Dental seals are usually performed on the surfaces of the molars and premolars, these being the teeth that have a more prominent occlusal relief, they are prone to cavities, because it promotes the accumulation of bacterial plaque. It is preferable to do dental seals shortly after the rash, but they can be done later, if the teeth have not been affected by caries.

At what age do we recommend dental sealing?

The optimal age for treatment with dental seals is 3-4 years for temporary teeth, 6-7 years for permanent first molar and 11-13 years for premolars and second molar.

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How long is dental sealing treatment effective?

Dental sealing can last for several years, but as an adhesive is used to hold the sealing material, without the need to make a cavity, the seal can come off due to sticky foods such as chewing gum, jellies, caramels, etc. Dental hygiene is also an important factor in the durability of sealing.

We recommend visits to the dentist every 6 months, when the existing seals are checked and can be completed if necessary.


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