Use of laser to treat periodontitis

terapie laser padodontoza Craiova

Use of laser to treat periodontitis

Chronic periodontitis usually affects adults, but also children and adolescents - they usually have more aggressive forms. 

Periodontal disease is a condition that is based on a bacterial infection. This bacteremia is the cause of chronic inflammation of the periodontal tissue, and the bactericidal and detoxifying role of the laser is welcome:

  • the bactericidal effect of the laser eliminates pathogenic microorganisms - the main cause of the disease;
  • the biostimulatory effect ensures local, rapid regeneration after the intervention;
  • the anti-inflammatory effect eliminates inflammation in the gums.

Laser treatment is much more effective and has much more stable long-term results.

terapie laser padodontoza Craiova

What does it mean and how are laser therapies performed to treat padodontal disease at the CriniDent dental clinic in Craiova?

  • the laser beam enters the gingival groove and periodontal pockets, from where it eliminates infected tissues and pathogenic bacteria;
  • the labor does not require anesthesia, it is not painful;
  • the laser "vaporizes" the infected tissue in the subgingival area and periodontal pockets;
  • the dental laser is a biostimulator, which favors a rapid recovery of the periodontitis area;
  • the laser eliminates inflammation in the tissues;
  • it is a non-surgical, minimally invasive approach, which means that the patient will not suffer invasive incisions, stitches or treatments, so it is much easier to accept than conventional treatments;
  • where appropriate, auxiliary instruments such as ultrasound, washing with disinfectant solutions, curettage and periodontal probes are also used. However, the main actor remains the laser, on which the entire work is based.

We look forward to seeing you at the CriniDent dental clinic - because "Your smile matters!".

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